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Our goal remains the same as it was when we started the label: To share bleeding edge music with as wide an audience as possible.  Hearing new approaches to arranging sound should be a fun adventure. The sound of Deathbomb Arc is constantly changing as explorers reach new frontiers. We invite you along on this exciting journey.

Deathbomb Arc has had the honor to work with so many great musicians and groups; putting out some of the first music by acts such as clipping., Foot Village, Black Pus, Death Grips, Julia Holter, Signor Benedick The Moore, tik///tik, I.E., Captain Ahab. We encourage you to spend some time exploring our discography & large archive of free streaming music to learn more.

If you would like to share music with us, we are always happy to listen. Please send links to streaming audio to deathbombarc@deathbombarc.com

Record stores & web mailorders interested in carrying Deathbomb Arc items should contact us directly.

Kinsman And Meng is our own in-house PR, representing both the groups on Deathbomb Arc and other experimental acts beyond our catalog.