Why Is Anything Forbideden 2: Tribute to Cash Money Records!
Various Artists CD

A Monolith. The first confused, and this one we hope you will ignore. In the same way as one should ignore the Ark of the Covenant - or the government's
bioweapons development.


1. Belloq "The Killer This Time Isn't Me"
2. Rainbow Blanket "Hindered By The Chain On His Wrist"
3. Crystal Lake "Sold Fucking Cash"
4. Business Lady "Slow Motion"
5. Captain Ahab "Play"
6. Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer "Fall of the Shady Tobacconist"
7. Danyyys "I Can Do-No"
8. Ume "The Down Low Slow Down"
9. Hand Fed Babies "Who Lives By It"
10. Friends Forever "C$ Fresh"
11. Atole "Tweet Tweet"
12. Tender Buttons "Beer Full of Cameras"
13. My Little Red Toe "Hornate Orange"
14. Mommy Won't Wake Up "New.bass.meant.for.Millionaires."
15. Tres Quatro "Hardcore Blastbangin"
16. Warbler "untitled"
17. Pho (feat. Rose For Bohdan) "Big Pimpin' "
18. Anavan "Your So Called Notoriety"
19. Yuma Nora "You Can't Get Nothing for Gold Fronts"
20. Dewey Decimator R.I.P. "Flying Duo"
21. Kreamy 'Lectric Santa "Me So Horny 2"
22. Micose and the Mau Maus "Farto Money Cash Honey"
23. The Sharp Ease "No"
24. Alarmist "Back That Tush Up"
25. Child Pornography "There's Nothing Like"
26. Bill Pickett's Invitational Rodeo "Back That Cash Up"
27. Xiu Xiu "Clowne Towne (Nicetape! Version by The Cherry Point)"

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