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Political non-participation in my social sphere often stems from not wanting to 'play the game.' But I’m pretty sure that if you are standing in a city, driving a car down a public road, emailing whoever for whatever, or eating food not grown within walking distance (and even then) you Are playing the game. Earth (and beyond) is the board, and it needs your help to stay a cool place to play.  Your town, the country, the entire planet is interconnected now more than ever.  We share resources across the globe and we need to participate in our little corner to hold the whole puzzle together.  It would probably take me about half a day to walk to Boston or half a day to fly to China.  One big neighborhood.  I vote in all my local and national elections, and though it won’t solve my every problem, it might effect something. It might mean more money for science, or a more flexible, inspired educational system.  It might mean marriage rights for all or government incentives for new energy research. Sure it’s a “maybe”, but it’s an easy one to reach for.  Picture a huge heavy ball with hundreds of people trying to push it, add your little bit of weight and at that moment it may give, the ball is rolling.  Four years ago Lightning Bolt was in on tour in Europe right before the election watching the debates when we could, I specifically remember watching Edwards debate Cheney. Cheney, his pals probably seizing contracts to rebuild Iraq already.  What a scheme they had, blow a country up and get everyone to pay you to put it back together.  At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush had an adviser with a bodybag company.  These people are my representatives?  Touring in Europe and apologizing to everyone for being from the USA.  My country, a country that invades sovereign nations.  A country that from the rest of the world’s perspective is a thuggish bully with the capacity to nuke the planet to atoms.

My eyes welled up with tears listening to Obama speak at the DNC, finally a person who I can be proud of, a figurehead who respects intelligence and speaks with intelligence.  Politicians constantly promise this that and the other thing so I listen between the lines, trying to judge if this person has the ability to reason, learn, listen and empathize and has a humanitarian perspective. But of course while a president needs first and foremost to be able to filter information they don’t work in a void, they have a wealth of experience around them.  Hillary will be there with all her fire and knowledge; McCain (for better or worse) will be there with his military experience. Biden will be there with his grip on foreign policy, Kucinich will be there with his vision of peace, but Obama will tie it together and make the mature decisions to put us on the path towards reason and renewal. 

And on top of that I love voting. Providence always moves my spot around. Me being in a not so wealthy area, they are probably trying to shake us off the trail. So I’ll wander into whatever school gym or apartment complex lobby I’m assigned too and say “chippendale” and the volunteers will all giggle and I’ll make a joke about my rich stripper uncle or something like that. Then I’ll vote, we will all smile and I’ll get my “I voted” sticker and walk out happy that I shared a moment with a few new people from some other walk of life. All of us participating in this grand democratic experiment.

- Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt, Black Pus) 8/30/2008

Every time I tour the US playing music there is at least one long drive where I realize how lucky I am to live in a country where I can do this. Somehow, with almost no income to speak of I am able to do what I want with my life. It is never easy, but it is awesome that I can make art the way I want to and share it with people all over the place just by working hard at it. If America continues to have stupid presidents like George Bush though, my hard work alone might not be enough any more. I am voting for Obama because I believe he will help keep the US a place where DIY artists like my friends and I can afford to get by, can afford the energy it takes to tour, and aren't surrounded by hateful people that don't support our true freedom. I know, with hard how it is to be an artist, that apathy over voting is easy to have. But if Obama is not elected president, it will become more than hard to be an artist. It will become near impossible as the Republican party continues to insist on the use of oil, making the cost of living go up and the attitude of society more mean and bitter. If you enjoy noise music and all the other DIY arts please vote for Obama.

- Brian Miller (Foot Village, Deathbomb Arc) 8/29/2008

Thanks for the invite,  I'll try and come up with something.  Right now I have to go to work.  I'm on vacation which is funny because I'm going to work.  I need the work because I need to pay off an $800 gas bill because natural gas is so fuckin expensive.  I also have to pay $40 for only 10 gallons of regular gasoline.  That's all I can afford on my budget per week, so I try not to drive much.  Under this awesome economy I'm actually spending more than I'm making weekly. (I did not add the extra bills such a public storage because I can't afford my own place.)  So vacations and weekends don't exist anymore. 

Spending more than I am making has caused a lot of stress.  It's a big problem digging into my small savings account every week to stay even.  At first I didn't think much about it.  $20 here $40 there just to stay ahead.  Now everything is moving slowly backwards.   I may have to get a third job.  America was not always like this.

There is no conspiracy, it is absolutely obvious the Republicans are owned by oil companies, war profiteers, and you name the corporation.  There is a great advantage for corporations/Republicans to have all middle and lower class Americans in this financial pickle.  An America of worry and despair about our earnings and savings creates a perfect atmosphere for con artist corporate politics.  A person with no hope turns to apathy.  A perfect mark. 

The Republicans will not socialize medicine so I can't check out a headache I've had for 3 weeks. But Republicans are very quick to create socialized government support programs that aid plunging Stock Markets and any struggling company or bank.  That's right a rich bank, company or Stock Market fiasco will get aid before any American without health insurance.

Republicans are Pro-Life yet they are pro Capital Punishment, pro 100 more years of war, pro corporate pollution, against stem cell research and against life giving healthcare.  It's no wonder I have a headache. 

We Democrats are not perfect , and I like that, we don't pretend to be.  As Democrats we criticize our leaders when they are wrong.  We argue amongst ourselves.  We are a party of many branches, many opinions and I actually love that.  

I can't stand the 'invasion of the body snatchers' neo-conservative ethical society bullshit the Republicans wish to create.  It's all phony .  The entire neo-conservative philosophy is based on a sort of covert hypnosis idea.  By suggesting to society there is a great evil in the world and only a certain type of government can protect them, a society can be controlled and the government can be worshiped.  It's bogey man shit, Leo Strauss just applied it to political philosophy. 

This brings me back to the obvious brainwash that is occurring with con artist politics.  The price of Republican Oil is being pumped so high that we Americans will forget about oil spills and illegal land dealings, and okay our Congressmen and Senators to allow off shore drilling and major oil land grabs under ours noses.  We are so mesmerized by the decrease of our wallets and the slogans of media promising relief that we will do anything to stop the madness.  It would feel so good if the companies got what they wanted.  Please Congressman do whatever oil companies want.  Make it stop!!

But we are smarter then that.  With Barack Obama we know alternative energy is the only way out, not illegal corporate oil land grabs.  With Obama we know that there is no great evil, a " terrorist" is an asshole brain washed by idiotic mislead Muslim radicals and nothing more (on a side note we have a ton of neo-conservative brain washed Evangelical assholes that fuck up our country daily but that's another story).  With Obama we know these mislead Muslim radical assholes can't be stopped by killing dictators and taking over countries.  With Obama we know the lower and middle class will not be forgotten.  With Obama we hear no more fear inside us.  With Obama we feel we have a part in our future, and see ourselves becoming a nation again.  With Obama the focus is on me and you finding the ability and strength within to overcome things that piss us off.  Also with Obama we know he'll have a Vice President that is maybe even more passionate regarding some of the issues that are dribbling into my life without my consent and stealing my time and money.

Obama is just a dude, he'll fuck up on occasion as I have fucked up and will everyone.  I do know, what is great and true about Democrats, if Obama were to ever fuck up the entire country like Bush, Cheney and McCain we'd be the first in line to fire him.  We Democrats do not worship our leaders, we watch them.

We finally have a guy that cares about this great country and us.

"those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right – the right of the superior to rule over the inferior." -Leo Strauss father of Neo-Conservative philosophy
“A policy of perpetual war against a threatening enemy is the best way to ward off political decay. And if the enemy cannot be found, then it must be invented.”- Leo Strauss
"Individual responsibility and mutual responsibility - that's the essence of America's promise."-Barack Obama
" is that American spirit - that American promise - that pushes us forward even when the path is uncertain; that binds us together in spite of our differences; that makes us fix our eye not on what is seen, but what is unseen, that better place around the bend."

P.S. I know you've probably heard all this before but constant repeating of these issues we find important is very important to combat the constant repeating of corporate trance inducing bullshit piped into our brains through junk media.

It is why noise is an important and healthy exercise.

- Nate Hayden (Friends Forever) 9/02/08

Obama is good for us. i don't know if i can speak for this whole country or the whole world, but his views on foreign policy, his views on health care, his views on abortion and so on are right where we think things need to be. The last few elections have been real tough, we were so excited to nominate gore, then again with kerry, but in the real scheme of things we were choosing the lesser of two evils. Obama is a real human, and we believe in him and his decesions for the better of our country. The human country. Please vote

- No age 9/10/08

On the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s infamous "I Have a Dream" speech, Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president.  Much has been made of the fact that Obama is the first African-American presidential nominee by a major party.  What is often forgotten when recalling King's pivotal speech is that is was given during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.  Jobs and Freedom.  If you think about it, these are two central issues that are just as important now in 2008 as they were in 1963.  At that time, the Civil Rights Movement -- of which both of my parents were supporters -- represented not just jobs and freedom for blacks.  It represented "civil rights" for all, regardless of background.

In an era in which our civil liberties have been eroded, we need a change.  And that is what Obama represents more than anything.  Change.  We need and deserve this change.  With the mortgage crisis and housing foreclosures, the failures of major banking institutions, an increase in unemployment and homelessness, reductions in health insurance, skyrocketing gas and tuition costs, the war in Iraq, and fears of what the future may or may not bring, many Americans have felt the burden of tough times.

I endorse Obama because he is more willing and able to institute change than McCain.  Obama is more willing and able to address the needs and concerns of most Americans.  I think Barack Obama is tapping into the zeitgeist - people want change and are ready for change.  As long as McCain is not elected, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

It's hard to have hope, given what so many of us have been through these past two elections and eight years.  So many hopes have been lost.  But we must hope.  And Obama is helping to guide us by encouraging us to hope for a brighter future of better employment, health care, housing, education and economic stability for all, not just a minority.  He is offering hope for an end to the war.  All of this is why I'm for Obama.

It is time.  As King said 45 years ago, "Let freedom ring."

- Sharon Cheslow 9/10/08

I prefer an Obama presidency because it would do more to encourage the real and potential agents of positive change than a McCain presidency. Claims of Obama's score on the left-o-meter are obviously exaggerated by both his supporters and detractors. Anyone who thinks that Obama himself will make the U.S. a fair, just society controlled by something other than big corporations and the military, either has inserted too much wishful thinking into the gaps in his platform, or invests the presidency itself with the imagined task of remaking the power structure of the country, obviously a contradiction in terms. If he wins they are in for a big disillusionment.

But there are worse things than disillusionment. It's preferable to utter hopelessness and alienation from the political process, which I think is what a lot of us have now and have had throughout our lives. In ancient Greek theater there was a division between "tragedy," where the hero had a chance but failed, and "pathos," where the hero never had a chance in the first place. Better that the Obama presidency be tragic than the McCain presidency be pathetic. Better that our hopes are raised and dashed than that they are never raised.

To claim otherwise is tantamount to raising hopelessness and alienation themselves to aspirations. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand that this is a temptation. As anyone who finds a community through or establishes their reputation by making noisy aggressive music knows, vague and undirected anger is often encouraged and applauded and can easily start to become an end in itself. I'll never forget an interview with Lars Ulrich in the 90s where the interviewer wondered what Metallica could possibly still be angry about now that they're millionaires living the good life. He was immediately defensive and insisted that yes he was still angry, settling the argument since anger itself was clearly both his and the interviewer's goal.

Back to my Obama endorsement, perhaps the main thing he keeps doing that is encouraging to me is that he keeps making sense when he opens his mouth. I don't mean this in some figurative or poetic sense, I mean he speaks in something other than gibberish. I mean he finishes his sentences and the sentences have a meaning that can be followed and understood. Simple elocution may seem a paltry charm point for the supposed "leader of the free world" but it depends what you're used to. Everyone loves to joke around and make light of Bush's difficulties with English, but given the fact that the meaningless utterances and lying of politicians are repeated verbatim by an American news media that apparently sees that repetition as its main job description for political coverage, Bush and other politicians' destruction of English and destruction of logic are no laughing matter. And contrary to the "elevated discourse" that the pundits promised should an Obama-McCain race emerge, McCain and Palin both are turning out to be slaves to (or masters of?) this same same tradition of language debasement.

Some of it is simple bumbling and bungling, but for me that doesn't compare to what are clearly systematic language-debasing propaganda techniques. Logical fallacies, non sequiturs, oversimplifications, insinuations, exaggerations, emotional appeals to fear and prejudice, evasion, subtle but deliberate reinforcement of erroneous assumptions, sloganeering, technobabble, and of course who could forget...bald-faced lies. Often the amount of meaning in a sentence seems to be inversely proportional to the volume at which it is shouted.

Of course Obama is not entirely innocent of these techniques, especially the sloganeering. But there's no comparison between his speaking style and that of not just McCain but all the presidential candidates I've seen this year. And no I'm not talking about Obama's "soaring" speeches. I'm talking about something that no one ever seems to bring up which is that when he speaks, there's a meaning that can be followed. There's a logic that can be traced from one end of a sentence to the other. His arguments proceed in an order that follows from one to the next.

When most politicians start talking in detail on a technical topic, my eyes glaze over almost instantly. I know I'm just a drummer so that's probably par for the course, but I firmly believe this is intentional on their part, to create the impression that they are know-it-alls and that us citizens needn't concern ourselves with the finer points.

Which brings me back to my not-so-fine point, that an Obama presidency would encourage the real and potential agents of positive change. An "understandable" president would be a real danger to the status quo because the citizens might tune in rather than tune out. They would start to develop the expectation that their leaders make sense. They would feel that they are being included in the discussion and that it is their responsibility to be educated about what is being discussed. With an engaged population who knows what might happen?

I believe the grassroots organizations, foundations, and spontaneous groupings of people around a cause that are the real agents of peace, justice and sanity could get a boost. And perhaps even more importantly the kids (the potential agents of change) growing up in such an environment would be imprinted with these higher expectations of a leader, without developing this unhealthy clinging to hopelessness and alienation that has been the ground of our generation's existence.

 - Greg from Deerhoof - 9/10/08
  So as not to encourage the view that an Obama endorsement means Greg or Deerhoof believes in candidate-centered or president-centered solutions to world problems, Deerhoof is giving a percentage of digital sales revenue from their upcoming album to an important grassroots non-governmental organization. We have narrowed the choices down to five:
and we are asking for your help in picking which of these will receive the donation. Cast your vote by sending an email to with your choice. Submissions will be accepted until October 1, 2008 and the organization that's chosen will be announced on October 7, 2008. Please vote only once for the organization of your choice. 


After 8 years of dealing with the worst president to walk this great Earth, America has been in a state of regression and economic depression. Politicians keep stuffing their pockets through big business payoffs while we're left to suffer. It is at the point where the cost of living is getting ridiculous and it is almost impossible to make a living off music or art or doing anything that isn't a full time 9-5 job(if you're lucky enough to find one right now). When it costs $50-$100 dollars(and if you have a tour van you are royally fucked) just to fill up a tank of gas, it makes you think how are bands going to be able to tour in the future when gas is $5+ a gallon? All of are resources are being drained and our planet is slowly being destroyed. I hate to sound bleak but that is the state of the nation we're living in right now, and our leaders have been ignoring the basic problems of this nation for too long. I've been waiting 8 years for Bush to get
 out of office, I was pissed when he cheated in Florida that first election and shocked when he was re-elected. John McCain would only push this reign of tyranny even further. His goal is to have 100 year war in Iraq and instead of getting people out he is figuring out how to get more people in. Palin has destroyed Alaskan forests and wildlife to dig for oil. These people will lead this country astray. I believe Barrack Obama is the light at the end of this dark tunnel we've been living in for the last decade. In this race there are no lesser of two evils, there is finally some good. Obama is a man who strives for change in this country. Instead of ignoring the issues of this country like healthcare, war and unemployment he faces them head on and has solutions. I haven't seen anyone do this in years. In order for this nation to progress we need a man like Obama. He supports peace, equality and progression and this is what the United States needs more
 than anything. This is a person who actually cares about this country!!! I don't think I've ever believed a politician who said he cared until I heard Obama. There is hope for the future, and his name is Barrack Obama.

-Andy Summers
Sunken Landscapes/Nihil Underground
hello, I am Miles Uroshevich, I am a noise artist as well as a recently registered voter.  I have chosen to vote for  Barack Obama primarily because of our countries fear of a third party system, (originally I wanted to vote for Ralph Nader of the Green Party). So as a result of this i have settled for Mr. Obama for the following reasons:

1.  His plans to improve our economy are simple and logical, and frankly if the state of our current economy isnt a sign of imminent collapse/recession I don't know what is.

2.  He Joe Biden as his running mate, which more than makes up for his lack of experience as a serious leader, as Biden is a seasoned polititian and diplomate, making the democratic ticket nearly infallible

3.  He seems like a genuine man, not a con artist, or a crook, or a liar, which is something American Politics has been lacking, since the inception of....AMERICAN FUCKING POLITICS.

Thanks for listening to me

-Miles Uroshevich

I've chosen to vote for Obama because the truth is very simple: If a group of liberals or a group of conservatives continue to work opposite each other and continue to push and pull, nothing gets done. Assuming one side screws everything up and damns America to poverty, war, etc, the other side can pat themselves on the back all they want for "never giving in and compromising their views", but at the end of the day, if the ship goes down due to one side of the political spectrum, the other side doesn't float to safety. If there's a hole in the hull, we're all screwed.

This is why I'm really into Barack. He seems like he actually wants to reach across to everybody to pull them together in order to make the country right again. Many people have speculated that like any other politician, it's just another smooth line put out there to grab voters from the other side, however, when Joe Biden (a man many consider to be conservative in many ways) was chosen as Obama's VP pick, all the skepticism in the world couldn't really refute that claim he made about wanting to work with all parties in government.

Mr. Washington was correct when he stated that partisan politics would be the end of America. The last eight years have proven that. It seems that claiming an affiliation to a party is impossible to avoid these days, but that's ok. Politics has their parties, music has their's not always a bad thing. However, much like music, if you stay inside one category and choose to block out all others, there will be much that you miss.

Keep things open, honest, and steady, and America may just be okay.

For these reasons and many more, I'm proud to say I'm all about Obama/Biden in '08!

- RY (registered democrat)
Black Steel Peacock
I don't understand why there should be a doubt in anyone's mind that Obama is a far better choice than McCain. I don't understand how someone could choose to not get involved in this upcoming election. Our economy is struggling, yet we continue to spend money on a war that is unpopular with the electorate, even more unpopular with the rest of the world, and based on lies. Yet McCain wants to maintain our presence in Iraq. Why expend our resources overseas in a failing war when there's so much to fix on the homefront? And he has other targets in sight as well. He is a war eagle that has gone so far as to sing "bomb bomb Iran"to the tune of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann" at a press conference. He condones torture despite being a POW. C'mon John, why would you approve of such hostile interrogation techniques unless you thought they worked? Did you spill some secrets in Vietnam? McCain is out of touch. He thinks millionaires qualify as "middle-class." He was stumped by a member of the press when asked how many homes he owns. One of the key issues of his campaign is fighting earmarking in Congress. Do you really think earmarking is a principle concern for the average American? Obama is fighting for health care and education; McCain is talking about lobbyists. Yet he's a pawn to the oil barons. He wants to pillage our last areas of wilderness to uncover oil despite global warming and dwindling resources. Obama stresses the importance of alternative fuel resources and building a strong economy out of a new energy industry. Speaking of earmarking, let's not forget Sarah Palin. During her tenure as mayor, she put the city of Wasilla into $20 million worth of debt. She allegedly responded to the report of Obama claiming a victory over Clinton by saying: "So Sambo beat the bitch." She's pro-life, anti-gay, and pro-war. She views our military presence in Iraq as a holy war. She is a nightmare. Recent polls show the McCain/Palin ticket gaining ground. It is our duty as citizens of the world to keep those psychos out of the White House. Get out and vote.

-Brian Cook
these arms are snakes/russian circles


A good way of measuring success is to compare what something was like in the past to what it is now so take a look at what this country was like before the Republicans ruled to what it is like now. Did it get better? Have we as a country, as a people,become better off now than before? Has the national debt gone down? Have our schools gotten better? Has the gap between the rich and the poor become smaller? Have we created better relations with the rest of the world (is there anyone besides oil rich countries and China that like us anymore?)? Did you have friends dying on the otherside of the world before this?
Have we, in anyway progressed towards a better America for ourselves and future generations?
No, we have achieve nothing!
I'm sick and tired and I'm not going to take it anymore.
Join me in November and tell those fatcats in Washington that we want something different than the old Republican lies.
Vote for Obama! Vote for a better tomorrow!
-Tripp Nasty
Harmonium Player and Accountant
I'm Canadian, and cannot vote, but if I could, I would certainly vote for Obama/Biden... 'nuff said.


I have always been politically aware since my first days of enjoying skate punk, now I have grown up and actually learned of ideas and concepts that can back up my reasoning for choosing Obama... not just voting out of blind preference.

For the past 2 years I have studied various disciplines at university including economics and politics.
I am currently reading Aristotle's Politics and one of his ideas for the type of person who should be a  natural "master" or leader is the type of person who has "foresight".

Obama strikes me as the type who does have that "foresight" which the ancient Greek philosophers praised. Regardless of any national security or foreign policy debates I would always choose Obama over Mccain, if 9/11 did not happen, I would still vote for Obama. The American presidency if oft considered the leadership of the free world... and to me it is a simple question of who understands poltics and the needs of the average citizen. Barack Obama is the choice here. I would WAY rather have someone in office who actually knows how to use a computer, is well versed in law and philosophy, and might actually have a background with the teaching of Aristotle. A "philsopher king" if you will... the ultimate leader. Barack would probably be the most enlightened politician of the USA since Jefferson or Lincoln when you consider his intellectual nature. It really goes without saying... Do you vote for another Cowboy republican and his CEO-esque radical right wing co-pilot or a reasonable, foresight gifted, intelligent, deliberative president. The republican pundits have called him an Elitist... damn rights he is! Our leaders should be above your average citizen... the 2000 election may have been about "who would you rather have a beer with?"... but this election is more about "who do you trust to guide the fate of the world in the near future?". Sure Barack is becoming a part of the system... which is sad... but he is clearly the superior choice for this key time in our world's history.

- Drew Anderson,
Nanaimo, BC, Canada

I'm voting for Obama because he represents HOPE for me.  Whether or
not he is just like every other politician out there the mere fact
that he speaks with words of enthusiasm, gives this country a better
outlook into the future.  I believe that he can help give this nation
a better chance at education regardless of what background you are.  I
believe that he can bring programs that can make it more possible for
artist like me to survive.

I was not raised in an average white middle class family like most of
the population of this country.  I grew up in an poor immigrate town
in Southern California.  A place for immigrate families to form a
future for their children.  Growing up I felt separate from the the
rest of the US.  My world consisted of constant gratitude for a roof
over my head and food on our table.  Having an education, even if it
was a poor one, was better then nothing.  My standard for living was
much lower and my hope for a good future was pretty much nonexistent.

My parents have a lot of fear in them, believing they are lesser human
beings because of how they have been treated over the years.  They
immigrated into this country from Mexico because it was their last
attempt to a better life even if it would compromised their value of
existence.  They instituted that fear in me.  It took a lot for me to
overcome that fear.  Survival is the only word that they know.  Having
hobbies like playing music and making art is a strange concept for
them.  In more instances people from my background would not have
taken the chance of going to school for art because people like me
don't feel like they have that luxury.

Obama has said things in his speech that has given me hope that people
like my parents don't have to fear for only trying to survive.  Obama
has been given me hope for programs that will help people like me get
a better education without the fear of student loans.  I took the
chance and went to private art college even if I didn't know how I was
going to pay for my student loans.  I did it anyway because I felt
that it was important to show people like my family that people from
my background don't just have two choices, work in a factory or work
like a slave to be a dentist.  Art is also a very important part in
our existence.  And everyone deserves the chance to do it regardless
of what background they are.  I'm still fighting that struggle
everyday.  College graduate and working as a cashier alongside
privileged 18 year olds who wonder what happened to me that put me in
that spot.  I am there because I choice to be.  I am about to go on a
month long tour in Europe and having jobs like that are the only ones
that allow me to leave for extended periods of time. None of this
would have been possible without the help of the European governments.
 I have hope that with Obama being president that we can have a chance
to be like one of those countries one day.

I'm voting for Obama because that chance of being a better country
this there.  I'm not just voting for Obama I am voting for the
potential for a better standard of living for everyone.  A standard
that will not exist otherwise if McCain wins the presidency.  All that
hope for an optimistic future will not exist and thing will remain the
same if not worse.

- Eva Aguila (Kevin Shields / Caldera Lakes)


Obama is the culmination of what our generation has rallied for. FDR, Kennedy, Obama - every few decades, we are fortunate enough to be offered a way out. What fools we would be to let it slip through our fingers. It's time.

- Jordann
Cub Scout Tragedy

Our country has reached the brink of no return, the dominoes have been stacked and we are ready to fall into the abyss of endless war from which we may never return. We have been led astray by those who make the (i believe false) assumption that we, the American people, are incapable of seeing through these lies and using rational thought to determine our best course of action. Seriously, i kind of don't care who you vote for (but i would have my preferences, let's be honest) but you need to vote. Our country (and ergo, YOU) will be pretty fucked if you don't. even if you think our political process is a sham and wish you had better candidates to pick from (and who could blame you with a minumum of at least one stolen election and numerous shitty viable candidates in the past eight years), or whatever your lame excuse for not voting may be, just this once you should really do it. just look at the dirt on either side and weigh out who you think would be less likely to destroy humanity through endless war and consumption of limited resources and cast your ballot, and make sure your friends cast their ballots too.
My choice has been made.
-Kevin Richards (Temples, Hogsplitter, Bongo Fury)

everything that i do is in reaction to what is wrong with this country,
and i do believe that voting for obama would be a vote for what is right about
the united states. i work for myself because i would rather not work for someone
else, i make
music to express myself, and i promote diy events to give people
a venue and to encourage people to put what they are good at out there for
others to see, buy or take part in. this is also all a reaction to the fact that it has
become harder and harder to make a living in the political climate we have been
in for almost 8 years now - things suck and they can get worse, so we need
a leader who will dig our country out of this black hole and regain our respect in the world.
my wife and i opened our
store in 1999, while clinton was still in office, and
while we had a lot to learn about running a small independent business, life
was good - it seemed easy to make a living selling records and other funky
old vintage stuff, but we have had to rethink our whole business model under the
bush administration. we have had to reinvent ourselves constantly in order to
just get by. people have far less money, security and i think the only way we
all manage is through being creative - and someday we just might be rewarded
for that instead of ignored. vote for obama, people!

-Chris Daltry
record & craft sale promoter, vintage store owner + musician


The republican party and our nation has been taken over by an extreme neo-conservative agenda.  This agenda has caused the country to increase our national debt to record levels, un-regulate banks which caused our current economic crisis, ignored global warming and alternative energy, and led us into one of the worst wars in American history.  A war that cost Iraqis upwards of a half a million lives, cost America thousands of our own soldiers dead and wounded,  made us the bad guys in the eyes of the rest of the world and continues to cost the American tax payer 10 billion dollars a month.  We must end this war and we must end the policy's of the republican party. Elect Barack Obama, restore our reputation in the world, end the addiction to foreign oil, make health insurance available to everyone and stop the war in Iraq!
Jeff Kile (Sprawl Out)
You think education is expensive? Try ignorance!
It's time to start realizing the type of negative force our country is becoming, the impact we're having on the world as a whole, and the major positive changes that need to be created in order to do so. For years now, the lines between church and state have been blurred, government and greedy corporations have worked hand in hand, and our "elected" officials and so called representatives have committed great injustices and crimes against humanity, crumbling  our already vulverable credability as a nation and threatening the very freedoms and security of us all. In all aspects, a vote for the Mccain & Palin ticket is not only an exercise in poor judgement. It's also an extremely dangerous thing. It's saddening to think our country has become so divided, but to put it quite bluntly; If you care deeply about basic human rights, animal rights, cultural progression in general, feeling safe, having a leader that you can believe in, and living in a country you can believe in etc, vote for Obama & Biden. I highly encourage every young voter out there to do as much research as possible and decide for yourself who you want representing your country. This is indeed a time for a significant positive change. Together, as people, we can crush neo-conservatism and corporate globalization, re-build lives, change lives, save lives, and move on with ours.
It's hard not to come across corny saying this after so many commercialized "rock the vote" attempts at reaching American youth, but we all have a voice, and we must be the positive change we want to see in the world.
Ok i'm done.
Thomas Crawford Planets / Thug ) 10/06/08
Hello, my name is Eric and I live in Olneyville, Providence RI. I am voting for Obama because I believe Americans amongst others have suffered enough at the hands of an incompetent redneck. I believe that its time for change and Obama has just that to offer. Americas future looks grim with McCain in office, he has supported almost all of Bush's ideals and shown me countless times that he is incompetent and phony. If our national deficit is so bad and our economy is crumbling beneath Bush's feet, why install a clone?
Growing up, we didn't talk politics at the dinner table. Then the dinner table disappeared; later the dining room was gone. If we're irresponsible enough to wade through another cycle of intense and selfish desire on the part of our elected officials, then we're nothing but fools.

If you think about it, its like there's a war out there. Its as if in this "war" we had figurative soldiers symbolically killing our foreign relations. Its as if the "government was metaphorically not protecting the arts, creating new jobs or feeding the hungry.

Want to know why I think Barack Obama is going to help our country? Because he actually said so. This course of apathy has left us all drowning in the tide of Reagonomics and I think right now, all most people want is a life boat; not a rocket to mars. I know! Its as if this administration literally let a major city drown to death. Literally. Aww man! That sucks!

For action!

Josh Brown
jam band enthuiast
If there is one thing I learned from watching the first presidential
debate, it is how much bullshit this whole "bad economy" thing is.
Sure some pretty big names on wall street are going belly up but
please everyone, as long as there are no breadlines, I don't see us
going into "the worst economic crisis since the great depression".
That is mostly a bunch of grade-a bullshit, no more than a scare
tactic being used as a last-minute resort by an administration that
completely fucked themselves over. Maybe I am pushing things a little
bit, maybe I am biased because I don't work for AIG and apply for
billion-dollar bailout deals, but as far as I know the economy is in
the exact same shape as it was a month ago... two months ago... maybe
a year ago. The only constant freak-out/paranoia agent that we have is
the signs at the Shells and Chevrons, holding high to all the other
drivers on the road the current cost of gasoline. With gasoline prices
rising, any other price-tag affected is going to raise too. The dollar
is becoming more and more worthless but this is only an indicator of
our own values and spending habits. Obama is the first person in a
long time to make me feel proud to be an American, and only someone
with that kind of attitude in politics is going to take us out of any
"crisis". While Bush/McCain/etc continually want to freak us out more
and more as they "focus on the economy", the most popular guy right
now is carrying the more popular ideas that need to be carried out.
When we are out of Iraq our money is going to be okay. When they
started this war we were all warning about all of the crap that comes
packaged with it, economy concerns and fuel prices and the whole

Some people make a point to vote in every election, some people make a
point not to vote. Whatever educated choice you make, as Americans we
are all in the same boat. Here has come the time to change the face of
our nation, it will be either a fresh new face with fresh new hopes
which is what any advanced society needs to push forward into the
future... or it will be yet another familiar face stressed by too many
cover-ups that is steering a sinking ship way into the unknown bottoms
of the ocean. America, as in 2000 and in 2004, once again the choice
is yours.

- Paul Joyner
I just finished watching the Presidential Debate. It literally just ended. The applause, and the awkward handshake between Obama and McCain. After viewing the debate in it's entirety I noticed that McCain seems like a lot of soft talk on hard issues with only a dash of sincerity in his tone. Obama has always seemed very sincere and I think it's the first time I've felt like I could trust a politician. McCain's stance throughout the debate was very slouchy, very weak, and my greatest fear is his old age. If McCain wins, I have this unnerving feeling that not only he'll fail to end our thirst for foreign oil in the sandy hills of the Middle East, that not only he'll start another fight with a country for faulty purposes, but that at his age he may croak and we'll have a highly unprofessional Sarah Palin (who only RECENTLY got a Passport) as our President. What could be worse?
Gas is just too high. Independent artists and bands can barely tour without asking for cash along the way because it takes $70+ to fill up ONCE. Obama knows what the people want because he's one of many who have come from absolutely nothing, who can represent the minority and the majority interests alike.
My mind is cloudy and filled with tons of thoughts, especially after viewing that debate and really processing all the ideas each candidate had, so forgive me for the rather cliche dialogue. I wanted to finish just by saying that regardless of this-that-and-the-other's idea of whether or not Global Warming is a reality, we here in Arizona are noticing abnormal warmth increase. We need a new form of fucking energy and we need it as soon as possible, and sitting around looking for new spots even in our own country isn't very productive. The government needs to invest more in electric powered vehicles. A friend of mine has an uncle who is working to harvest completely harmless energy from algae growth on rocks in water for the purpose of powering today's vehicles. These things are a reality and would soon become the standard if our government would quit playing a real life version of "Plastic Army Men Take Over Oil Facility" and think about alternatives to the oil rush.

America needs Obama, but more importantly, he needs our support.

-Matt Loberg
Geiger Retort/Nihil Underground
The reasons I support Barack Obama for President are numerous, so I will try to be brief.

I was tired of the gloomy, cynical perspective on politics that most on the left and right espoused, and Obama's speech at the 2004 DNC allowed me to think there were some public servants out there who still, in fact, wanted to serve the public. Of course, one must have some sort of ambition to do so; ambition tends to get a bad rap and tends to be spoken of in general terms without discussion of individual motivation.

I am heartened to hear a politician focus on deliberation as opposed to rash action, information gathering and discernment rather than stubbornness and closed-mindedness.

I am elated to see a Democratic candidate practice a 50-state strategy for once. Instead of focusing on swing states, taking "blue" states for granted, and leaving Democratic voters and candidates out in the cold in "red" states, Obama's campaign is working to drum up support in every one of the states. Not only does this allow Democratic voters in those states to feel like they matter, it also helps Democratic candidates down-ticket even if Obama does not win the state in November. I have already read numerous anecdotes from otherwise "red" states of voters who are tired of the same D.C.-styled cynicism and fearmongering, and are willing to vote across the aisle. In fact, reading about "leftnecks" (leftist rednecks: only drove home the point of Obama's 2004 Convention speech that there is truly one United States of America--us "blue" staters have to be willing to leave our prejudices behind and shake hands with someone who is a proud gun owner and hunter, and who would like to see comprehensive national health care and better funding in their local schools. Us folks living on the coasts should take a moment to learn more about those in other parts of the country in a comprehensive way--no media coverage, I mean by reading someone's blog or even becoming a good old-fashioned pen pal. If you are fortunate enough to have the funds, try a road trip.

Nate Hayden, above, quotes Obama: "Individual responsibility and mutual responsibility - that's the essence of America's promise." This is most heartening to me, because while yes, we are individuals and animals, we are also *social* individuals and animals--this social fabric is complex and mutual responsibility recognizes this. We live in communities within communities, and individual responsibility alone can't keep these stable--we have obligations to these communities.

This country belongs to us all, and Barack Obama can help us reclaim it, but we have to *want* it! We have to work for it, and we have to be willing to be humble when necessary.

-Wendell Edwards (scutopus
I believe in playing by other people's rules as much as I believe in trying to play by my own rules. Balance. I think it is impossible to ONLY play by "your own rules"--no matter how hard you try. We're all interconnected. Not just politically but spiritually--consciously and sub-consciously (these 4 terms are interconnected as well).
I also believe in trying to understand people that are not easy to understand. This means trying to see into other people's worlds as much as possible. I am not idealistic about this--sometimes it is the absurdity of "trying" that excites me. Voting seems absurd sometimes. So does driving in a car or downloading an mp3. They are all related acts.  Once you have decided voting is one of those absurd, fun things you get to do, deciding who to vote for is easy: When at the gas station try buying the soda with the least amount of high fructose corn syrup.

- jacob from extreme animals/paper rad
No, we don't think he's the messiah, but we figure it's as close as we're gonna get to Chuck Berry being elected President.
Obama '08

The Fucking Eagles
I hope that we can make a big impact on this community. From my experience, the DIY/underground scene is wealthy with open-minded free-thinking citizens. Some of these people also classify themselves as anarchists or anti-establishment. In my humble opinion, it is understandable for some to take that stance when our "choice" consists of (in the immortal words of Bill Hicks) the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right. But in this kind of election, where the outcome could literally make or break this country, it is our duty as a people to make our voices heard. In the end, isn't that what rockin' out is all about?
 Voting for Obama, because he's the best fucking candidate this country has seen in a long time.*

-Bran (The Saint Peter Pocket Veto) - 9/10/08

(*If you're unsure, see the facts for yourself:
a good resource.)