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 The Fruit Will Rot 2
 9 x
3" cdr



what everything looks like spread out

Mp3 Sample:
Deathgleaner "Metalic Sonatas" (except)

Follow up to 2005's Fruit Will Rot comp. This time, instead of focusing on new California bands, it will focus on new bands that I met while doing 6 month of intensive touring this past year. Still 9 3" cdrs, but this time each band gets a full 3" cdr to play with (although Brian Miller vs. Nicholas Gitomer do theirs as a split with Na. So 10 bands in total:

  • Tralphaz (Harsh Sci-Fi sounds; San Francisco)

  • Bulbs (Tribal music from alien planets; member of Axolotl from San Francisco)

  • Eco Morti (Pure Death; aka Amanda A. Hendricks from San Francisco)

  • Na (Silly anti-folk; from Seattle and New York via Japan)

  • Brian Miller vs Nicholas Gitomer (Emo-prov; member of My Little Red Toe)

  • Deathgleaner (Post Wolf Eyes industrial; from Kansas City, ex-Night Wounds)

  • Core of the Coalman (Violin rainbow psych; from Oakland)

  • Robedoor (Curses spoken in tongues; from Los Angeles, ex-Weirdo/Begeirdo)

  • Argumentix (What the Phantom of the Opera really sounded like; from Portland, ex-Alarmist)

  • Worm Hands (Completely buried; from St. Louis)

Mp3 Sample:
Deathgleaner "Metalic Sonatas" (excerpt)

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