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Whatever you think is going on in Southern California, be prepared to find out you are both completely right and wrong. This double CDr brings together a wide sampling of So Cal acts, designed to show people just how diverse DIY is here. More than just the normal "Smell" bands, more than just acts from Los Angeles and San Diego.. but small towns, inland empire towns, OC towns, who-the-fuck-knows-towns, bands that play in places no one has heard of or perhaps nowhere at all. Currated with the help of Britt & Amanda of Not Not Fun, this comp is your passport to something beyond the underground, it is your census report for 2007. Get in on it.

Minus Radio
The Tleilaxu Music Machine
Apathetic Ronald McDonald
Birthday Indian
Cock In Black (members of Deep Jew, Smooth Grooves, Laco$te)
The Stomach Aches
Moment Trigger
Rollin Hunt
Satans Corpse
A++ (member of Foot Village)
Swimsuit Rights
Oh Home
Lord Galvar
God's Gang

Israel Intelligence
Powdered Wigs (member of Extreme Animals)

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