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New one recorded during our trip to Europe is out now:

this is a double cassette with 4 bands, each gets their own side: Gang Wizard, Occasional Detroit,
Grey Skull, & Powdered Wigs. Out now on Scumbag.

2 other recent Gang Wizard releases are Atlas of Cancer 12" & "I Remember You From the ParTy In Long Beach" 7"
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In the early part of 2007 Gang Wizard toured Europe and went to Florida for the first time,
here is a radio show we did on VPRO: http://www.vpro.nl/programma/dwars/artikelen/33256359/
and here is video of us playing Fat Cat's Open Circuit Festival: http://fat-cat.co.uk/fatcat/mediaItem.php?id=62
pictures of us in Europe:

our album Byzantine Headache is out now on Load Records: check out mp3 of "don't let rep33 ever fuck with your facce"  from this album
get it at

split cs w/ Rale on Teenage Whore Tapes (image below)

3" cdr on Abandon Ship
3" cdr on Phase!
cassingle on Human Conduct
Everybody Turned Into A Baby 12" on Pendu Sound
12" on Greentape, Lost Treasures of the Underworld, olFactory, and tanzprocesz
a 7" on ????? feat a remix by Captain Ahab, image is below:

art by Max Gudmunson


Recent releases:
sorta trying to figure out our discography lately... let us know what we missed





mp3 (from jeckyl loves hyde): running with a halo in hand
mp3 (from live at long haul):.
mp3 (from live at long haul):.
mp3 (from split w/ d yellow swans):.


Kank Qixarth hoots, makes noise, observes, yowls. Give a walrus a stack of Dead C, Pere Ubu, and Fushitsusha CD's, an amplifier that feeds back the moment it is turned on, and convince it to mate with a leaky beanbag, and you are not far from the Gang Wizard experience.
Kank Qixarth's commitment to incompetence is long-lasting and thorough. Qnak Wixxxar's love for volume is robust and self-destructive. Www Wwww's lack of social skills is almost complete: they are capable of asking in a slurred voice: "Would you like to do a split 7-inch?" Qan Qanqan's live show is ludicrous, occasionally brilliant, and usually painful for all concerned. Gang Wizard is a load of sweet bullshit and this biography is a load of sweet bullshit and this group of scary noiseniks are really just a bunch of nerds who fill themselves with Ethiopian-food flatulence and go to the Smell and rip out a giant amplified fart and expect you to like it.
Gang Wizard has more recordings than it knows what to do with. Most of them are split 7"s put out with bands that have since been forgotten, put out on soft, flat-sounding lathe-cut vinyl. For some reason this glut of recordings has created a sort of mystique. Some of the records are good, some of them are terrible. Some of the records contain the exact same song as other records; it is up to the listener to determine whether s/he has been swindled. Gang Wizard's previous juggernaut _El Cortez Buy'y'a Drink_ was released on ten labels, including Ecstatic Peace, which has the privilege of releasing the newest GW record _Jeckyll Loves Hyde_.
Knaq Qniksith is a potlatch for the heads of three notorious record labels: Blackbean & Placenta Tape Club, Deathbomb Arc, and Tape Mountain. Gang Wizard's guitarist is a lisping patriarch who wears flip-flops and worships Steely Dan. Gang Wizard's other guitarist and drummer look like identical scrawny twins and met when Jake sold Christopher a copy of "Congo Bongo" for the Intellivision. Many other people followed: the hairy guy in the shark costume, the two seamstresses, the woman with the banjo. Nerds! Ganb Wibbard is from California. Gang Wizard's live show can be heard from blocks away. Gang Wizard is a snarling ocelot with a toy piano. Gggg Gggggg will continue whether you listen or not.

Band Photos: (under construction. see http://www.pbase.com/pistolswing in the meantime)

Dusted review of Byzantine Headache
On its previous recordings, the 14-strong Los Angeles catharto-core collective Gang Wizard sounded a lot spazzier than this. Byzantine Headache is, at least by noise scene standards, an ambitious record, packed with slow-cooking long-form numbers, short on tossed-off digressions, and played with both confidence and abandon. It showcases a Gang Wizard that’s paid its debt to pure noise, and is headed somewhat purposefully toward… not the formalist aggression of Lightning Bolt, exactly, but something a lot heartier, more complex and more intriguing than what most of its contemporaries are doing.
Byzantine Headache’s best songs start from simple structures, usually the sort of drones and rhythms that flow from construction sites across the nation. As this repetition builds to a simmering hypnosis, they bring on the feral hollerin’, the ear-searing lead guitar crunch and the clamor of whatever noisemakers might be lying around that day. A pervasive, unselfconscious sense of humor gives it a humanist spice that a lot of these records don’t have. The result sounds more like a brutal garage-rock hangover than any pseudo-doom sludge or new-no-wave antagonism. But it never consigns itself to any camp.
Yes, “The Pretty Ape” is a grating tangle of speed-freak cartoon-character bleating, guttural bellowing, and naught else. It’s hard to miss that one. But it only lasts about a minute and a half. The initial layouts for “Soft Crust From 00,” “Another Misplayed Endgame” and “When the Song Begins” are damned near bluesy in their moody, repentant simplicity. And those all last a damn sight longer (the latter two are in the 10-minute neighborhood), which gives them all the time they need to develop. On these songs, Gang Wizard sounds less like a noise band and more like a particularly adventurous rock band.
Anyone can stick a Q-Tip
too far in, but getting a good sunburn takes some patience. And those needles can signal a wild variety of sensations, even when they’re pegged in the red.
If you’re the sort of person who enjoys an occasional “is it ‘harsh noise’ or is it ‘power electronics’?” argument, “Metal Coax Concrete Warm String Plastic Tithe, Remember Dials” is a potential argument-settler for either side. It immixes dizzy ranting, repetitive digital beeps and a dirty, organic swirl of drums and guitar, and does equally proud by Throbbing Gristle, the Dead C, and long-suffering, tilt-prone pinball machines everywhere.
Like any good, adventurous rock band, Gang Wizard flaunts a catholic musical vocabulary, defines pat classification at every turn, and never sounds a whit pretentious. When you’ve got a real monster of a record on your hands, debating its particulars is both amusing and pointless.
By Emerson Dameron

Wire Issue 244 June 2004
Size Matters by Byron Coley
...Split release of the issue this time has to be the one shared
betwen Gang Wizard and D Yellow Swans. Live In The Men's and Women's
Restrooms The Placebo, Arcata, CA (Deathbomb arc/Collective Jyrk/Tape
Mountain DBA034 3" CD) is just what it says. The groups were touring
California together and ended up one night at a weird community
center in arcata, where they decided to try something a little
different. They set up for acoustic sets, and performed them from
inside the bathrooms of the joint, to get the full effect of the
lovely tile acoustics. Anyone familiar with the approaches they both
take - they rage in rather different way, usually, but the guitar-
groan and electro-puh they both offer is aggro heavy - will be a bit
surprised. But the surprise is good. There is the same kind of
shimmer here that one gets when, say, Sun City Girls make acoustic
loom work part of their schtick. Enormity, strangeness and charm, all
wrapped up in one shitty package.

Arthur July 2004
Bull Tongue by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore
"For some reason, we still think of Gang Wizard as a band with its
basic thrust in punk muddery. Why this continues to be our sad lot I
dunno. 'Cause their new split eponymous LP with Algebrassiere (Black
Bean and Placenta/Breath Mint/Deathbomb Arc/etc) is a gush of air
that is free from all known styles. There is talk (in some quarters)
that the Algebrassiere side is the free-er of the two, but such
conversation is just a lotta bull! Show us one single non-destroyed
form on the Gang Wizard side and we'll gladly eat your hat. Sure, the
tools that these young Californians use are "rock" tools, but the
stuff they get out of them is purist munge. It varies between
accreted noise-form (feedback laced, natch) and the kinda free-plonk
that makes hot ducks wiggle from sea to shining sea. And truly, they
seem to be introducing some new instruments into the mix as well,
although the sonics are too crabby for us to get anything like a firm
handle on what the hell it is they're actually doing. Beside pleasing
the bejeezus outta listeners, that is. Algebrassiere are from
Baltimore and their blow is sweet and weird in a way that almost
recalls some of Smegma's early early crudity. Stylish!"

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