* untitled, single sided 12 " on Blackbean
* Jeckyll loves hyde LP released january 2003 on Ecstatic peace
* Split LP with Algebrassiere on Ecstatic peace, bbptc, deathbomb arc, sunship, breathmint, little mafia others
* Why Is There A God? LP on Father Yod / Deathbomb Arc / EXBX / others

* El cortez will by y'a drink on ecstatic peace, deathbomb arc, blackbean, others
* split CD w/ Friends Forever on deathbomb arc
* Byzantine Headache on load

* Live on tape mountain
* Live at Longhaul on deathbomb arc/tape mountain
* Winter Tour 2003 Part 2 on scratch and sniff entertainment
* Bootleg on Breaking World Records
* April 2005 East Coast Tour on Blackbean and Placenta
* Indentured Twister Strutter Universalized on Blackbean
* Young Money on Imvated
* Spring 2005 North Cali on Green Tape
* Criminal Riddles on Transpocez
* For The Man Trapped Inside A Man 3" cdr on Arbor
* live in the men's and women's bathrooms split 3" cdr w/ D Yellow Swans on deathbomb arc/tape mountain / collective jyrk
* 6 Guitar Solos Down At The Urine Wash 6x CDr boxset (self-released for EU 07 tour)
* Live In Paris 3" cdr on Abandon Ship

* Robert, 11/98 and other hits on unread records
* Meet me at Merkato on Morc
* Winter Tour 2003 Part 1 on imvated
* split cassette single w/ Scream Baby Scream on Pink Triforce
* early recordings on popgun
* split w/ newport on Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers
* 4-way split 2x cassette w/ Greyskull, Occasional Detroit, & Powdered Wigs on Scumbag Relations

7"s, 9"s, 10"s
* split 9 " lathe cut with friends forever on deathbomb arc
* split 7" w/ Ashtray Navigations on Betley Welcomes Carful Drivers
* split 10" with sissy spacek on blackbean
* split 7" lathe cut with seaworthy on blackbean
* split 7"' with minmae on blackbean /  airborne virus
* split 7" with rose for bodhan on blackbean / deathbomb
* split 7" with planetarium on blackbean / priapus
* "I remember you from the party in Long Beach" 7" on DNT