a compilation of bands that played on
Foot Village's 2009 'Anti-Magic / Pro-Creation' EU tour

art by Seripop


1. Foot Village "Lovers With Iraqis (Live @ CCA)"
2. Divorce "Early Christianity"
3. BITCHES "Vampire"
4. Silk Flowers "Chance Of Showers"
5. Ultimate Thrush "Complex Cats"
6. Shift-Static "Father's Footsteps I"
7. King Alexander "Tall Tales"
8. Joy Of Sex "Weather Controller (Live @ The Thunderbolt)"
9. Hyper Black Bass "Contona"
10. Coupe Coup "Monojupette"
11. Simple Appareil "Worth The Trip"
12. Sausage Party "Up Fuckery (live)"
13. Blue Sabbath Black Fiji "Swimming To Florida"
14. Foot Village "Totally Tween (Live @ CCA)"

zip of all songs (77 MB)
hi res of art (2.9 MB)